Hardwood, Laminate, Luxury Vinyl
Trends Across Hard Surfaces

With today’s economy trade, tariff and turf wars, we have come to face many changes in this ever-changing industry, especially trends.

More than ever, consumer expectations for style, durability and affordability are on the rise. Competition for these standards has also increased. Manufacturers and distributors have responded accordingly, in the form of more innovative, sustainable, low-maintenance, environmentally friendly and cost-effective flooring products in a broad range of categories.

The Green Category

The “green” movement itself is certainly not green anymore, with Earth Day poised to pass a half-century milestone. But the increased absorption of LEED Certification standards into mainstream markets for building materials has stabilized and even lowered their costs considerably, thus increasing their accessibility.

Among these is the Ridgeline Collection, one of TAS’s most environmentally friendly products. Besides lasting through kid and pet rough-and-tumble, it contains 0% wood content, saving trees; it is 100% recyclable, reducing landfills;and it is 100% free of Ortho Phthalates, E0 compliant, low-VOC and FloorScore Certified, mitigating climate change.

Ridgeline Color Options

The Hardwood Category

For those who insist on the real thing, the rich diversity of textures and hues prevalent in high-end hardwood floors, from chromatic extremes to neutral grays to white washed or even beachy or bleached finishes, are now available at lower cost, so you can give your living spaces more personality for a lot less. Home owners are looking for flooring that give their home more personality which means a higher demand for more colors. It’s also been all about colors in 2019!

The Villa Collection

A traditionally engineered 7-ply core, 2-mm face construction hardwood floor, comes in 20 different hand-picked finishes rife with the hardiness of the Northwest. Maple, hickory, birch, and acacia are available in smooth, hand-scraped or wire-brushed textures. The beveled edges and multiple lengths give your floor immaculate plank definition. The collection’s low-gloss matte visual and radiant-heat approval (hydro-systems only) will keep each color and texture fresh and relevant for years backed by 50-year structural and finish warranties.

The Villa Color Options

The Mannington Hardwood Collection

Available in American Classics, Exotics and Hand Crafted editions, is globally inspired but locally engineered according tothe latest tastes in American cabinetry, home furnishings and woodwork, for the ultimate in natural beauty, long-term durability, superior performance, and domestic compatibility

The Mannington Hardwood Color Options

The Sawtooth Ridge Collection

Fashioned from European Oak in Thunder Basin, Buffalo Run, Trout Creek and Raven Wood colors, features linear saw-marks that endow each plank with rustic character at an affordable price point. Its enhanced polyurethane layer guards it against heavy scratches and dents, making it an ideal long-term investment for your home.

The Misty Mountain Collection

A new American Maple collection engineered in a choice of Big Horn, Eden Bridge, Elk Grove and River Run hues, makes any room of any size feel open and welcoming with its unconventional long planks, measuring up to 94 inches each. Its enhanced polyurethane finish protects it against normal wear and tear for years, giving it a lasting durability and warmth “far over the Misty Mountains cold,” indeed!

The Laminate Category

Popularity in wood-like flooring options, like vinyl have been on the rise for a while now. Many are starting to question if laminate flooring is just a fad, but we can assure you it’s not!

As a cost-effective alternative to hardwood, and a staple go-to flooring alternative to wood, laminate is more “in” than ever. The latest technological advancements have not only enabled it to out do itself in the water-resistance, shock-resistance and low-maintenance departments it is known for, but also to make it appear closer to hardwood than ever before, right down to replication of hand-scraped and reclaimed-wood finishes for a more rustic look than conventional veneers.

The Equinox Collection

The Equinox Collection’s exclusive combo of water-resistance, AtroGuard core, and embossed-in registered finish allows three benefits in one: resistance to kid and pet roughhousing, dirt and mud-tracking and accidental spills, easy cleanup and mop-up, and a softer, more comfortable tread when entering the room.

The Equinox Color Options

The Nautilus Collection

The Nautilus Collection does use real wood, and to best advantage. Its premium black spruce core adds density, stability, water-resistance for up to 72 hours, and wide coverage capacity for rooms as large as 66’ x 66’, or 4,356 square feet, owing in part to its 5” and 7.5” width options. But Nautilus is still as easy to clean as Equinox and even easier to install, courtesy of its drop-lock installation system and attached premium pad.

The Nautilus Color Options

The Luxury Vinyl Category

Yes, even vinyl is more wood and stone-like these days, most of which are quite impressive. The latest technologies are developing amazingly realistic planks and tiles, as well as a wider variety of decorative looks than your grandfather’s vinyl.

The Ridgeline Collection

The luxury vinyl category looks just like wood grain but is more durable, waterproof, and resistant to spills, stains, scuffs, scratches, and weather/temperature changes, thanks to the four-layer ruggedness of its rigid core technology, its UV-cured scratch-resistant polyurethane coating, and its TightLock profile. These characteristic properties also make it much less hard on your knees and feet than hardwood or even conventional vinyl flooring. And, if your dream kitchen, bath or laundry room includes a wood floor, Ridgeline is it. (See “The Green Category” above for Ridgeline’s environmental qualities.)

The Ridgeline Color Options

The Mannington ADURA®Max Collection

Available in both planks and tiles in today’s most desired décors, features TAS’s innovative HydroLoc™ waterproof core, making it ideal for your most challenging rooms, from kitchen to bath to laundry to any space that takes a lot of kid rumpus and pet friskiness. To boot, ADURA®Max offers the industry’s best wear-and-tear resistance and even muffles sound by 30% for more tranquility in homes with multiple levels, media/music rooms, and play/rec rooms. ADURA®Max can be installed over existing hard-surface floors, including ceramic tile, to soften your tread, save your knees and feet and quiet your house, especially in those rooms that tend to produce a lot of echo.

The Mannington ADURA®Max Color Options

Happy hunting, flooring enthusiasts!