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Why Is Sheet Vinyl Still Important?

Why Is Sheet Vinyl Still Important?

Some might say that sheet vinyl is a thing of the past, losing foothold to new technologies in other flooring categories. While we do love all our flooring types, we say bah humbug to the naysayers!

There is still a place for sheet vinyl in the market place- It’s not just for grandma’s house anymore! Here are 5 reasons to consider sheet vinyl as a great option!

Sheet vinyl is the original waterproof flooring
When you expect the floor to stand up to frequent spills, seamless sheet vinyl is the perfect solution to rely on. Bathrooms, laundry rooms, mud rooms, and kitchens are the perfect application for sheet vinyl because it won’t be affected by the spills and drips that commonly happen there.

Fashion forward visuals are available at a low price
Sheet vinyl can be big on trendy fun visuals, but at a fraction of the material and labor cost of similar looks in ceramic tile and hardwood. Some of the hottest trends in ceramic tile like encaustic patterns, hexagon marble, and linear stones are available in residential sheet vinyl. While ceramic tile can be very expensive in material, installation supply, and labor costs, sheet vinyl is easy to install and has a variety of budget friendly price points.

T&A Supply staff, sneak attacked by Toni with a camera, explains why sheet vinyl is still important.

It’s the perfect flooring for small spaces like laundry rooms, powder rooms, mud rooms, and kitchens
Sheet vinyl typically comes in 12’ wide rolls, which means that smaller rooms will not require there to be any seams in the whole room. These small rooms are also the most prone areas in a home to see small spills, drips, and messes. Having a truly waterproof floor in these areas is ideal to offer peace of mind and ensures very easy maintenance.

Sheet vinyl is durable and easy to maintain
With options that are both scratch resistant and next to impossible to tear, you have little to worry about for durability. Since there are no seams, wet mopping and spot cleaning are no problem when maintaining your floor. With residential products, you never need to use additional waxes or polishes.

In many scenarios, sheet vinyl can be installed by DIY’ers
Many sheet vinyl collections (including all of T&A Supply’s stocking programs) allow for loose lay installation, meaning no adhesives are required! As long as your subfloor is dry, clean, and flat, installation can be as simple as laying the flooring down and cutting around the room edges. Check out this video from Tarkett on loose lay installation for more details.
As with any installation, be sure to read and follow manufacturer’s installation instructions and be sure the installation method and products apply to your installation circumstances.

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