Laguna Vibes Stocking Program

There’s something truly refreshing about this gem on the California Coastline. With endless coastal bluffs and hidden coves, Laguna Beach strikes an impressive balance between culture and natural beauty. Raintree’s Laguna Vibes Series flawlessly combines a neutral palette with a refined edge. The white oak graining is selected to have an ideal blend of natural character while preserving the modern, clean lines of the west coast. Texturing is a slight wire brush with a low gloss finish that asserts the authenticity of the real wood layer.

Laguna Vibes Program Features
  • Ninja Waterproof Technology
  • Durable Performance
  • Valuable, Smart Investment
  • Stress-free Maintenance
  • Versatile Colors
Laguna Vibes Specifications
  • Species: European White Oak
  • Dimensions: 7 1/2” Wide (nominal) x Random Lengths up to 75”
  • Texture:  Lightly Brushed
  • Sheen: Matte
Laguna Vibes, Egret
Laguna Vibes, Soleil
Laguna Vibes, Rock Cliffs
Laguna Vibes Driftwood
Laguna Vibes, Driftwood


Laguna Vibes Plateau
Laguna Vibes, Plateau


Laguna Vibes Whiskey Barrel
Laguna Vibes, Whiskey Barrel


Laguna Vibes Oak Heart
Laguna Vibes, Oak Heart

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