T&A Supply Company is happy to announce that we are your official Inhaus distributor. Whether you already have a display in your showroom, or are interested in learning more about Inhaus PVC-Free luxury vinyl, T&A Supply is here to help.

Inhaus is proud to be a part of the CLASSEN GROUP OF COMPANIES based in Germany. With its rich heritage and commitment to innovation, Classen is truly a world leader in flooring. The quality of German manufacturing is world renowned—and the confidence it inspires is unmatched. As a German based company that is a pioneer and leader in laminate flooring, every stage of manufacturing, from raw material to finished product, happens under our roof—ensuring our floors are safe, of the highest quality and something we can truly be proud of.

MOTO PVC-Free Luxury Vinyl

MOTO PVC-free resilient flooring has been engineered to meet the performance and safety requirements of today’s most demanding commercial specifiers.

Made with a Polypropylene and mineral composite, MOTO is highly durable and does not contain any phthalates, plasticizers, formaldehyde or heavy metals, making it ideal for commercial applications that require low VOC emissions.

Argle | INMO9196

Autumnwood | INMO9189

Breezehill | INMO9190

Bridgeport | INMO9198

Delbrook | INMO9192

Dempsey | INMO9187

Handsworth | INMO9193

Heather | INMO9195

Kensington | INMO9188

Kilby | INMO9194

Langdale | INMO9197

Rockcliff | INMO9191


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